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Products and Coverage

Weather Insurance Agency will customize a policy to fit your needs – and we have a weather insurance policy for just about everything. Examples include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Many organizers of special events consider weather insurance as a fixed cost when calculating their budget.
  • Countless retailers have designed advertising campaigns with the weather at the center of their sales promotions.
  • Film production companies have used weather insurance to help keep their production cost to a minimum.
  • One winter storm can wipe out your entire snow removal budget for the year – let us help you plan for the unforeseen.
  • Income stabilization policies are the best way to insure that the weather does not dramatically reduce your sales.
Event Insurance
Every town has a concert, fair, festival, carnival or special celebration day. After countless hours of organizing these events, what if inclement weather affects your attendance? Your revenue stream could be washed down the drain. With weather insurance your special day could still be profitable.

Weather has a direct impact on attendance. The weather during the morning of the event is crucial. If your guests wake up and it is raining, they may choose to do something else that day. Even indoor events could be affected by the weather. When it snows, the roads conditions could prevent people from attending your event.

Types of Events

5K Races, Air Shows, Antique Shows, Arts & Crafts Shows, Auctions, Beach Parties, Bicycle Tours, Car & Truck Shows, Celebrations, Chili Cook-offs, Circus, Commercial Shoots, Concerts, Corporate Picnics, County Fairs, Carnivals, Festivals, Film Productions, Flea Markets, Fireworks Display, Food Festivals, Fund Raisers, Haunted Houses, Holiday Celebrations, Marathons, Motorcycle Rallies, Music Festivals, Parades, Rodeos, Sporting Tournaments, Street Fairs, Tractor Pulls, Weddings, Etc.

Sales Promotion Insurance
With our sales promotion insurance coverage, retail stores can harness the weather as a way to create a unique marketing strategies to increase publicity, drive traffic and ultimately increase sales for their store.

With the peace of mind of your sales promotion insurance, you can advertise a 100% rebate on all items purchased during a specified time period, if a specific weather peril occurs on a specific day. This successfully proven sales promotion is being used by retailers to drive sales to their store by using the weather on National Holidays. Or better yet, it could be a perfect way to entice customers during the slower times of the year. No matter where you are located, our team can customize a promotion that your competitors will envy. Think of the public relations opportunities that will be created with the local media.

We will customize a policy to fit your needs. Weather Promotions most often utilize rain, snow or temperature as the weather peril. The cost to insure these promotions is generally 1% – 5% of sales generated.


ABC Store runs a “White Christmas” promotion. If it snows 4″ or more on Christmas Day, any customers who purchased merchandise from Thanksgiving through December 15 will receive a full refund on the price of their merchandise.

XYZ Pool Company runs a “Memorial Day” Promotion. If it rains 1/2″ or more on Memorial Day, any customers who purchased a pool from April 1 through May 15 will receive a full refund on the price of their pool.

TBA Hardware store runs a “July 4th” Promotion. If the temperature on July 4 exceeds 100 Degrees Fahrenheit, any customers who purchased a barbeque from May 1 through June 20 will receive a full refund on the price of their barbeque.

Film Insurance
Production Companies and Advertising Agencies are using weather insurance to eliminate the costs for weather related delays. Additional costs can sky rocket when Mother Nature causes delays in shooting or extends the number of days to complete the shoot. The additional cost of paying the film crew, actors, hotel rooms, meals, rental equipment and extending permits are just some of the expenses associated with having to come back another day to complete the shoot.

Avoid these additional expenditures by insuring the weather conditions for the day of your shoot. Weather Insurance is the best way to stabilize the budget for these shoots and prevent Mother Nature from consuming your profits by extending your filming schedule. Whether the entire shoot is outside, or a combination of interior and exterior scenes, our team can customize a policy that best addresses your needs.

Snow Removal
Balancing a budget for a business, small town, large city or the Nation seems to be more difficult each year. The extra expense of an above average snowfall season can sabotage that balancing act. Strip malls, apartment complexes, local villages, airports and municipalities use weather insurance to change a volatile snow removal budget into a fixed one.

Two popular types of coverage are Snowfall per Inch and Snowfall per Storm.

Snowfall per Inch is designed to cover additional inches of snow above the designated budget amount. If a strip mall budgeted $40,000 for 40″ of snow from November 1 – April 1, the policy would reimburse the strip mall $1,000 for every inch of snow above 40.

Snowfall per Storm is designed to cover the number of storms, where the storm is defined as a specific number of inches of snow. If a local village budgeted $200,000 for five storms of 3″ or more of snow, the policy would reimburse the local village $40,000 for every storm above five that has 3″ or more of snow.

Income Stabilization Insurance
The weather can significantly reduce the income for many businesses. Think about what impact unfriendly weather will have on your busy season. Weather Insurance can stabilize your income from untimely weather on your most important days.

A rainy day can drastically reduce sales or most likely close a car wash for the day. Think of what an above normal amount of rainy days would do to that car wash.

A florist stocks up on inventory for Valentine’s Day. Think of how sales will be significantly reduced if customers cannot get to the shop, because a heavy snowfall occurred on Valentine’s Day?

Snow storms are one of the best ways to see snow removal equipment fly off the shelves for a hardware store. Think of how sales will be radically reduced if it does not snow.