There is no proof of loss. Whatever dollar amount you insure, is what you will receive if the agreed weather peril occurs during the agreed hours. The event does not have to be cancelled.

There are three ways to verify the weather:

  • National Weather Station: WIA will designate which National Weather Station (NWS) is closest to your event. This NWS records this weather peril on a continual basis, which then on a regular basis becomes available to the public through their website NCDC.NOAA.GOV. Sometimes you may feel this station is too far from your event, so there are two other options available.
  • Independent Weather Observer (IWO): IWO is a person who is qualified to verify the weather. This person is hired by the insured to be on location at the event and record the weather on an hourly basis. The cost of hiring an IWO usually varies from $20 to $35 an hour. IWOs typically work at a local media station or university. Weather Insurance Agency must approve all IWOs.
  • Weather Command(WC): WC is a pre-approved company that employs meteorologists who utilize the most up-to-date weather technology. By monitoring Doppler radar data they can determine accurate weather measurements at a precise location. The cost is $50 per day for rain or temperature. The cost is $75 per day for snow.